Pickleball Camps in Florida or at your location


The pickleball camp experience includes 10 hours of personalized lessons over a minimum of 3 days and an in-depth workbook, Intense Pickleball Camp, by Deb Harrison, with chapters that include…….

  • Footwork for Dinks
  • Volleys
  • Serve
  • Return of Serve
  • Lobs
  • Spins (topspin, underspin)
  • Specialty Shots (Scott, Staub, Lucore shots)
  • Third Shot

Fee Schedule

Please contact us for current information.
Players are responsible for their own lodging and transportation.
The camp sessions are usually 2 to 4 hours daily. The dates and times are tailored to the player(s) schedule.



Fundamentals: We will discuss and implement vital skills below

Posture I Ready Position Grip/Paddle angle Comfort Zone
Dinks Freeze Blocks Volleys Smack downs
Power Volleys I Short Hops Bump Ups Footwork
Topsin return of Drop Poke Strokes Overheads Lobs
Serve Return of Serve I Court positioning Touch/Vs Power

INTERMEDIATE: We will discuss and implement complex skills

Proactive Volleys Third Shot Options Topsin Return of Drop Spot Dinks
Spin Dinks I Paddle On It/pace/drop Half Volleys Split Step/Drop Step
Earning the Net Posture II Partner Movement Triangulation
Top Spin Lobs I Overheads Placement Overhead Blocks Block Lobs
Block Drops Running down Lob Spin Serves Return of Serve II

ADVANCED: We will discuss and execute combining skills, advanced technique and game strategy

Skill Assessment Game Strategy Playing the Elements Chip and Charge Return
Feather/Cut Drops Block/Retreat/Close Staub Shot Scott Shot
Ali Shot Bubba Shot Puppet Shot Wong Shot
Yoda Shot Ernie Shot Post Shot Stacking
Winning Wars Purposeful Dinks Pre Tournment Routine Self Tuning

Please contact us for more information.