Deb Harrison

  • 2019 U.S. Open in Naples, Gold WD 70+, Gold WD 5.0 65+, Silver MXD 70+, Silver MXD 5.0 60+, Silver Singles 5.0 65+
  • 2018 USAPA Nationals Indian Wells, Silver MXD 5.0 65+, Silver WD 5.0 65+, Bronze Singles 5.0 65+
  • 2018 U.S. Open in Naples, Bronze WD 65+, Bronze MXD 65+
  • 2017 Silver Medal Singles 65+, USAPA Nationals
  • 2016 U.S. Open in Naples, Silver WD 65+, Bronze MXD 45+
  • 2016 Hiawasee, GA, Gold in WD 5.0, Bronze MXD 5.0
  • 2015 Gold Medal WD 55-59, 2015 Huntsman World Senior Games
  • 2015 Silver Medal WS 65-69, 2015 Huntsman World Senior Games
  • 2015 Gold Medal MX 65+, 2015 National Senior Games
  • 2015 Silver Medal WD 65+, 2015 National Senior Games

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Top 100 Strategies

100. One Two Punch: Body attack, Pop up and Angle down and away
99. Serve and Serve return: Higher NOT Harder
98. If your opponents lack mobility, gap placement and lobs over
97. At all costs, avoid service and return faults
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I wanted to thank you for letting Pat & I hang out with you during the US Open in Naples. 
It was a great clinic watching you play. We got to say hello to “Red” and she is such a nice lady. You collected a lot more bling this week but Pat was very concerned with your health on Friday in that heat. One more thing,  you asked me how my game was going and that meant an awful lot to me. I was thinking about it later and there were 4 other players in Naples that I had at least taken a few lessons from in that past and you were the only one who cared enough about the student to ask how my game was going. Everyone else, although they are all very nice, never asked. I think that’s the difference between you and everyone else. 
I will certainly join you again next season for another 3 day clinic when we return to Florida and I recommend you often to others. I am going to try to bring my sister and her husband as well.
Carl and Pat

Ralph and I really enjoyed your clinic and appreciate everything you taught us. Ralph was almost giddy when he successfully did the “Around the Post” shot you taught us and won the point during a game back here in Broomfield. Everyone was stunned by the move.

Deb is an exceptional pickleball instructor and highly effective teacher of the game. Deb doesn’t offer just the generic, run of the mill instruction. She observes and analyzes a person’s individual play, then uniquely explains and shows you how to correct your particular weaknesses or mistakes and how to build on your personal strengths. If you are beyond the basics, she has a long list of special moves to try out and master.

She is patient when a person is slow to ‘catch on’ and will work with you in a variety of ways until you “get it”. She is encouraging and has a real passion in wanting to help people better their game. My husband and I will be taking more classes from her. Just wish she lived in our state so we could attend her classes more often!

Pickle On!

Megan and Ralph

After only 1 week of work with Deb,  I jumped a full rating. Her individually crafted lessons were specific to me and her ability to feed balls where needed allowed for hundreds of repetitions in a short time. Because she is a teacher by trade, her instruction was positive, meaningful and “on target” giving me the most important things first and never too many for me to process. And, did I mention, she just makes it fun because of her passion and patience!


I have nothing but the highest respect for Deb Harrison!. I was blessed to witness and participate in several of Deb’s clinics while visiting The Villages. I was amazed to see that Deb has a name for EVERY shot/concept in pickleball which is nice as I teach others:-). Whether it’s a “block drop”, “curl”, “quick, quick, slow” or “earning the net”……awesome!

I was so excited that Deb agreed to partner with me recently at a tourney and it exceeded my expectations! Deb has a knack of giving tips in a welcoming way:-) I’m ALWAYS learning and “pulling back more layers of this onion” we call pickleball.

Thank you Deb for all you do to further pickleball so that any skill level can play as well as possible and therefore enjoy it to it’s fullest!!!

Pickleball Rocks and so do you, Deb Harrison!


An avid student of this dynamic and continuously evolving sport, I consider regularly scheduled lessons with Deb Harrison an essential part of my overall pickleball game plan.

As an instructor, Deb Harrison is a consummate professional.  I find Deb’s lesson schedule to be flexible and accommodating, and there have been times when Deb has gone out of her way to work around my schedule.  Deb also practices meticulous communication, often returning texts or calls within hours.

During my lesson, Deb Harrison’s singular focus is on improving my game, whether it is greater accuracy of trajectory volleys, analyzing and strengthening my serve/return of serve technique, playing pro-active pickleball or developing the skill of purposeful dinking.

An experienced multi-gold medal pickleball player, Deb Harrison has transcribed her experiences, techniques and strategies into a 12 week Intense Pickleball Camp.  This program includes an assortment paddle techniques for better ball control, strategies for playing, and various mantras and tips to make your game more fun. I have twice taken this course.

As an insightful pickleball instructor, Deb Harrison remains on the cutting edge of this ever-changing game, often returning from tournament play ready to share new strategies and techniques she has observed in players from around the country.

So whether a player wishes to advance from a beginner to advanced beginner, or whether an advanced player wishes to play tournament level, consider taking private, semi-private or clinics lessons with Deb Harrison. It has tremendously improved not only my game, but my overall enjoyment of the game.


Deb is able to target areas of weakness in my game and help me fix them. She also points out areas of strength and helps me exploit them. That feels great!

Each visit she manages to find quick fixes in technique or positioning that help me make an immediate positive change, while also giving me drills and long term goals to work on for the future.